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The design platform

That does more

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It's all about engagement

Flowmo offers endless possibilities for bringing your ideas to life.
From one-click designs to complex animated masterpieces that users can interact with.
To create responsive webpages with ease, simply place your elements where you want them, and add breakpoints as needed to ensure your page looks just as you intended on all devices.

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The future of web design

AI-powered designs with your touch

Flowmo's AI design engine creates stunning full pages or websites with suggested text, images, and design, whether you provide reference designs or not. It can even consider your existing design system, making the process faster and more efficient.

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AI Animation Automator

Flowmo's AI animation automator makes it easy to add eye-catching animations to your pages. Simply describe the desired animation and with just one click, it's done. No need for technical know-how. Get your pages moving and engage your audience with Flowmo.

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Anything to Flowmo

With our unique Image to FMO converter, any image or website design can become a template. Our AI and computer vision technology reads and translates the image into editable text and images in Flowmo. Make changes as needed and create stunning designs with ease.

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Work the way

That works for you

Flowmo offers one-click solutions for hosting your website with a custom domain, as well as the flexibility to have developers work on backend capabilities. Need an e-commerce store? Use Flowmo as your Shopify or WordPress website. Whatever your website goals, Flowmo has got you covered.


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